Telegram Notifications in MoonTrader

MoonTrader has recently introduced the possibility of receiving notifications via Telegram by either using your custom Telegram bot or using MoonTrader’s bot. Bellow are the instructions for 1) Receiving the notifications using MoonTrader’s bot  and 2) Receiving notifications using your custom bot. The 3 available notification types, currently, are: Send order filled (will send a notification once an order is filled and a position is opened), Send deal completed (will send a notification with the result of the closed position. Either a «Profit» or a «Loss» message with details of the transaction) and Send performance alerts (will send notifications if the System that is running the Core of your MoonTrader copy is low on resources and will notify once the alert is cancelled if the system has cooled down)

For the Complete description of all Commands and possibilities of our proprietary Telegram Bot as well as a full list of commands that the Telegram Bot will accept in written from the User’s input, please visit:

1) Using MoonTrader’s Bot. 

  • Go to the Core Profile menu in the Main Menu:
  • To enable Telegram Notifications, check the corresponding box (Telegram Enabled)
  • In the Telegram bot token, you should see the “using default MT telegram bot” inscription, this means that you will be using @mt_stats_bot (MoonTraders own bot) to deliver messages to your Telegram group
  • Next create a group in Telegram where you will add MT’s notifications bot (@mt_stats_bot) so that it could send you the notifications you chose. 
  • Next you will need the Telegram chat id of that Group, which can be obtained using various of the shelf telegram bots (e.g. @chatid_echo_bot). Make sure that both the Chat id bot and MT’s notification bot have permission to send messages (achieved by making them administrators)
  • Next, select the Type of notifications you want to receive (Order filled/deal completed/performance alerts) 
  • Click OK to save the changes 
  • Restart the Core to enable the Notifications! 
  • You should now be able to receive the notifications you selected.

2) Receive notifications using your custom bot:

  • Check the box “Use custom Bot” to enable the field for the bot’s token
  • Create your own bot, you must find Bot Father in Telegram and create a bot.
  • Next, create your bot by entering /newbot
  • Give it a valid name
  • Copy the new bot’s token 
  • Copy that token and paste it into the corresponding field, it will appear encrypted: 
  • Add your Custom Bot to the Group you created in Telegram (NO NEED to add MoonTrader’s @mt_stat_bot anymore)
  • Select the notifications you want to receive 
  • Cick OK to save
  • Restart the core to enable the feature 
  • You should now be able to receive the notifications you selected