The MoonTrader (MT) trading terminal consists of two parts:

  1. The core (MTCore) is a console application that works directly with exchanges. It is self-sufficient (in most cases) and is not intended for constant interaction with the user (with some exceptions, which are described below). The main task of the core is to react as quickly as possible to the information coming from exchanges and from the graphical client. All orders, algorithms and other logic are implemented in the core. If you stop the core — then there will be no interaction with the exchanger.
  2. The Client (MoonTrader) is a graphical application that interacts directly with the user and the core. The client receives from the core only the information that is needed (and requested) by the user at any given time. If you stop the client, but leave the running MT Core — the kernel will continue to communicate with the exchange (or exchanges).

The client and the core communicate using the UDP protocol, which is the protocol your internet and hosting provider should allow you to use. The data exchanged between the core and the client are compressed and encrypted as needed. General public information (e.g., the stream of trades) is simply compressed, secret information (e.g., the list of user orders, balances) is encrypted.

  • Client token — the basis of the key which encrypts the data between the client and the core is the so-called client secret token or just the client token.
  • Core token — the core also communicates with the MT platform server, this data is always encrypted — also with AES algorithm with 256 bits key length, but in this case, the core secret token or just a core token is the basis of the encryption key.
  • Activation code — the secret key of your license.