Main questions on the terminal operation

  • «Disconnected. Reconnecting to localhost:4242.»

Windows version not supported (7 and below)

Video drivers and .NET libraries are not updated

Disabled metrics in Windows due to a third-party build or optimizer program.

( )

Incorrectly entered core token (there are extra spaces)

There are Cyrillic characters on the path to the MT folder

Withdrawal of funds is checked in the API key permissions

Running the core locally on a MAC with M1 and M2 processors is not possible.

Add the MT to the Windows firewall exceptions or disable it.

  • The terminal loads, there is a chart but no balances and part of the interface is grayed out

Check the IP address of the server in the key API permissions

Make sure that there are no extra spaces when copying API keys to MT

Make sure that in API keys there are necessary permissions for trading on the Spot/Futures market you are interested in (withdrawal of funds should be disabled).

For the OKx exchange, switch the account to «Single Asset Mode»

For Baybit exchange transfer the account to «Single»

  • How can I make it show the chart history?

Enable the market data archive in the settings.

If «Local» is selected, the chart will be saved as long as the kernel is running and the Market Saver algorithm is running for the desired market.

If «Cloud» is selected, charts will be downloaded from the MT server (available only for Binance for now)

Attention! When saving data locally there will be increased load on the kernel! It is not recommended to run several Market Saver algorithms simultaneously.

  • Where can I find the core logs to send them to the developers?

Stop the core

The core logs are located in the data/logs/core folder where the core is installed (PC/server), the last log will have txt format and your profile name with date

In Linux, the logs are at the address:

~/.config/moontrader-data/data/logs/core/ txt file with profile name and date

  • How to change API keys/license in customized core?

To do this, you need to delete the default.profile file from the profile folder on the server and reconfigure the core.

In Linux, delete with the command:

rm ~/.config/moontrader-data/data/default.profile

  • The core on the server is running, but the client is not connecting

Verify that the UDP4242 port is open for incoming connections in the OS on the server and in the personal account of your VPN (Amazon, Google).

Check the client token, in the profile and in the core should be the same, when copying there should be no extra spaces.

Allow MT connection in the Windows firewall.

  • Can I run two MT cores for different exchanges on the same PC\server?

You can do this by installing MTs in different folders and setting different ports.

Warning. A 2\2 server may not be enough to run two MT cores at the same time.

  • The deal closed in plus on the chart, but in the report is minus, why?

No bnb is used to pay the exchange commission or the bnb balance is not sufficient. The commission was paid in coins, the balance of coins is on your balance.

  • I accidentally paid for the wrong license, what can I do?

Go to the paid license in MT personal cabinet, click Change Type and reset the license to Free. The paid funds will be on the balance. Pay the required license from the balance.

  • No transaction reports

Check that there are no Cyrillic characters in the path to the MT folder.

For Ubuntu, you need to install the libraries:

apt install libncurses5 libtommath1

ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/