Add Profile

To Add your first Profile click on the Add Profile button 

  1. Profile — automatically generated by the application, can be renamed by the User to make it clearer and describe the use case.
  2. Launch mode — allows the user to choose one of the possible modes to run the Client and Core. In this example we will explore the highlighted option 
  1. In the Core options section, the user will input the required Core parameters to run it. When creating a new instance (or if this is your first ever instance), you will click on the “Activate new license ID” box and proceed to the following screen
  1. Activate new license 

On this screen, the user will use the Activation Code obtained from the License Manager on the MoonTrader website. The other two fields are: Public API key and Private API key, which the user must get from the Exchange’s website. 

The Client Token will be automatically generated by the system once you activate the License, all you need to do is next is paste the Core Token that can also be found in the License Manager on the MoonTrader website. 

In our example, when running the Core and Client locally, the remaining values and fields of the “Client options” box may remain unchanged (make sure that the Client token is identical in both the Core options and the Client options, the system will automatically insert the same value in both fields after the License is activated above). 

Once you have finished the steps described above, click on Apply, in the right bottom corner of the window. You should now be able to see a new instance in the Profiles list. To start MoonTrader, click on Start Core first, then, once that is up and running (around 10 seconds to connect to the Exchange’s servers), click on Start Client. That will open up a new window of the MoonTrader trading terminal. 

To close MoonTrader, you can either go back to the Launcher and stop the core by clicking on Stop Core or just closing the Core console (cmd window). IMPORTANT: the latter way to close the core is not available if you chose the Run both Core console hidden in the Launch mode while configuring the instance. To close the Client, just close its window.